Hola, If you haven't already done so, please create a user name and password in wikispaces. Then request to be a member of THIS wiki.

1. Once you are a member of this wiki, you need to create a PAGE. Look at the top of the wiki page in the red margin. Click on the plus sign next to the words"Pages and FIles", type in your first name and last initial. My page would look like this: lindag. Once you type in the page name and poo you save it, you will be taken to your new page. type about 6-7 sentences about yourself IN SPANISH. Then, save your changes, and come back to this homepage and see below:

2. Your next mission is to create an account on Voicethread.com, Your user ID should be your first name and last name initial. Create a voice thread by asking a question in Spanish (such as: "At what time do you wake up?") and upload to your page.